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Made it to display all my projects. aka Zeeshans developments!

BananaClickerMobile v1.5

A mobile Idle/Incremental game that i've been working on. Worked on it using c# and Unity Engine.


A small OS program I made when I was 15. Used c# and the .net framework to create it. One of my biggest projects.


A small AutoClicker program I made in 2 days, It has keybinds and duel mouse clicks.


A small DiscordSRV program I made so you can have a custom Discord Status.

Suffix Generator

A small project that makes suffixes + code for how it works.

Aston Plugin 1.17.x

Small minecraft plugin made for a university minecraft server.


Small idle betting game with a full log.

GroddV2 Bot

Small Discord bot, With a Custom Economy system.


Small Password Management system made in java.

A small portfolio hosting platform I've been working on!

Static site hosted by github, Used for app testing.
temp url:

Maison De Verce

Universite Team Project. An E-Commerse site for high-end luxury watches.

Event Tick

Universite Team Project. An E-Commerse site selling concert tickets. Made with laraval and a Java Inventroy System.

SQL Management Tool

Small CLI I made in node.js in 5 days. It Connects to a SQL Server, and you can view or manipulate the data.


Made a small Chat-Room Application which allows you to chat on

Estate Reservations

I created a professional website to support my family member's successful real estate enterprise. Explore now!

AZ Architechture

I created a portfolio for a friend of mine. Explore now!


I built a URL shortening website for my portfolio. It lets users shorten long URLs, has a login for tracking click data, and features a simple API for easy integration.

Aspect - Mileage

I developed a web-based mileage tracking application for a company. The application captures user postcodes and converts them into latitude and longitude coordinates. It then calculates the distance travelled using the Google Directions API.

Aspect - Timesheet

I developed a web-based Timesheet application a company. The application enables users to clock in and out, automatically generating reports and calculating worked hours. Additionally, it handles Paid Time Off (PTO), tardiness, and absences.

Aspect - Tracking

This is a web-based mileage tracking application designed for the company I am associated with. The application allows users to scan a QR code at a property, recording the entry and exit of individuals. It also captures their precise geolocation to ensure authenticity and prevent location spoofing.


ZeeIT embodies my journey in the world of web development and IT solutions. It's a project fueled by a passion for creating bespoke websites and revolutionizing IT infrastructure management. Join me in exploring the seamless integration of creativity and technology, where ZeeIT serves as a canvas for innovation and precision.

Aspire - Portal

I developed a web-based portal for a company. The application allows users to manage their data, view and track their hours, track mileage and generate data for management about lates, absentces and PTO.

Home-Lab Projects

I've created in my home lab environment, where I merge my passion for programming with server management and automation. From custom website deployments to specialized server configurations, each project showcases my dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology. Dive into the details of how I've leveraged Docker containers, NGINX proxy management, and bespoke applications to optimize performance, enhance security, and streamline operations. Join me on this journey as I continue to experiment, innovate, and evolve in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

Temp Emails Project

Small temp email service provides instant, hassle-free creation of disposable email addresses. With cutting-edge web technologies, users can swiftly generate and manage temporary emails, ensuring privacy without complexities. Receive emails on the fly, safeguarding personal inboxes from spam. Simplify online interactions and protect privacy effortlessly with our temp email service.

If the site shows blank screen it has broken, Email me and I'll fix it as fast as possible!